Xa50 Smart Car TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Digital

Product description for Toyota Rav4 2019 2020 Xa50 Smart Car TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Digital LCD Dash Board Display Auto Security Alarm

Aroham smart module specially developed for rav4 cars with advanced chip, you just need to connect our smart module to the car rear box b6 module, our product activates the original tire pressure monitoring function of your car. The tire pressure data displayed is true and accurate. Rest assured that you can use it.
suitable for rav4 in Asia, Europe, America, Australia.
Installation is very simple, all you have to do is connect the rear box module, activate the tire pressure and the installation only takes 10 minutes.
Suitable for RAV4 hybrid and gasoline.
Chinese products have different prices and qualities. Aroham reminds you not to buy cheap products for your safety, thank you!
Applicable models: Suitable for 5th generation Rav4 (XA50) 5G.
For rav4 2019 2020 tire pressure control.
Tire pressure unit: kpa.
Monitoring range: air pressure 0-8.0 bar.
Accuracy: air pressure or +0.1 bar.
Sensor position: OBD.
Display power supply: external power supply.
In view of:
Your tires must have a tire pressure sensor to use this product.

Aroham Tips:
After installing the car in various countries, the tire position and tire pressure figures will be confused, don’t worry, you just need to deflate the tires to the appropriate number, the system will match and repair automatically, very simple.
The four numbers of flat tires are: front left 100, front right 130, rear left 160 and rear right 190. Four tires are calibrated automatically